Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke’s Resignation Likely Affords Him a Path for Making More Money

The Sheriff is Unlikely to Work Directly for the Trump Administration

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Milwaukee Sheriff, David Clarke

David Clarke, the Milwaukee County sheriff, and vocal supporter of President Donald Trump resigned from his office. Clarke did not provide details about his decision to leave the office or about his plans. The controversial and conservative Sheriff had more than a year left on his appointed term.

Gov. Scott McCallum appointed Clarke to the Sheriff’s position in March of 2002 after the resignation of Lev Baldwin—ten people had applied for the job. A lifelong resident of Milwaukee, Clark stated, “After almost forty years serving the great people of Milwaukee County, I have chosen to retire to pursue other opportunities.”

In the past couple of years, Clarke has been particularly critical of leftist groups such as Black Life Matters which he called “Black Lies Matter.” He was the son of a Korean war veteran and had lived in Milwaukee all of his life. He was a patrolman for 11 years, starting in 1978, and made captain in 1996.


David Clarke was a huge asset to President Trump during his campaign often deflecting allegations of racism and bigotry away from Trump. Many people are speculating that he is being offered a position in the Trump Administration for his loyalty.

We note that Clarke has made more than $200,000 annually for speaking fees over the past couple of years. He has written a book about his recent exploits.

We doubt that the former Sheriff will hook-up with the Administration in a formal position. He will, in our opinion, try to remain close to Trump while keeping in the spotlight where he can continue to make money speaking and remain popular with conservatives.

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