Minneapolis Police have a suspect, Andrew Neal, in custody in connection with the shooting of one of their own it was announced today, however no charges have been filed and Neal is presumed to be innocent. Police had responded to a burglary call in the early morning hours yesterday when the officer, Jordan Davis, was allegedly ambushed and shot in the shoulder. The Police Chief of Minneapolis, Janee Harteau, said there “was little doubt that an officer was the intended target of this shooting”. The apprehension of Neal was preceded by a rash of officer presence including a SWAT team and 3 or more police dogs when he was arrested this afternoon.

COMMENT:  It is always difficult to speculate about potential charges in a case like this. An attempted first degree murder charge is possible. That crime carries a presumptive sentence under the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines of 153-216 months, with no criminal history, and approximately an additional 10 months for each additional criminal history point the defendant is assigned. A first degree assault charge carries a Guideline sentence of about 86 months where the defendant has no criminal history.

UPDATE: First degree burglary charges were filed against Neal. Police are continuing to investigate the case and prosecutors say if additional evidence is discovered that implicates Neal, more charges could be brought. Meanwhile, his first court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday.

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