Minneapolis Seeks to Draft Police from Other Agencies in the Wake of Defunding Police– Crime Soars

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The Minneapolis city government seeks to draft police from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office and the Transit Authority. There has been an exodus of cops from the force since the local government called for budget cuts and rearranged the department. 

The shortage of cops comes after the city council voted in July to strip $1million in funding from cops. The relationship between the board and the police department has dramatically deteriorated. Reports indicate that many people from rural parts of the state and suburbs are avoiding the city out of fear.

Violent crime has spiked, with 74 homicides so far this year compared to 49 last year. At the start of the year, the Minneapolis police force employed 1,053 staff – 877 of them officers and 176 civilian staff. That number had dropped to 987 as of last month – 844 officers and 143 civilians.

The proposal to fund the reinforcements – which will cost almost $500,000 – is due to be voted on by the City Council before going to the mayor’s approval, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. The teams could hit the streets as soon as November 15 and may be kept in place next year. Council Member Linea Palmisano told the Star Tribune: ‘We’re barely able to cover the shifts we have.’ Partial Source: Daily Mail 

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