“Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar said Biden Will Shift Further to the Left After the Election

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“Minnesota Democratic freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar said she and her socialist comrades in Congress expect former Vice President Joe Biden to shift even further to the left after the election, even more than the 77-year-old Democrat has already veered upon clinching the nomination.

‘A president is only as successful as his collaboration with Congress,’ Omar told Axios in an interview published Monday. “We will have a cohort of progressives that are very clear about their objectives for wanting the implementation of Medicare for All and a Green New Deal and raising the minimum wage and not allowing for fracking.”

Each item has already been endorsed by Democratic vice president Kamala Harris, if not Biden, explicitly. Though Biden has tried to create distance in recent weeks between himself and items such as the Green New Deal and fracking, the former vice president repeatedly pledged throughout the primary he would end fossil fuels. At the same time, his campaign website still emphasizes the candidate’s embrace of the Green New Deal.

Biden’s leftward shift only accelerated following the conclusion of the primary. In July, Biden’s team hammered out the 110-page “Unity Task Force Recommendations” with socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ getting the new nominee to sign onto taxpayer-funded college tuition and billions of dollars for “environmental justice.” Source: Federalist  

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