Minnesota Supreme Court Candidate Found Guilty

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Minnesota Supreme Court candidate, Michelle MacDonald was found guilty of resisting Arrest and Test refusal in Dakota County today. She was acquitted of DWI. Sentencing is set for November 12th 2014. MacDonald’s attorney, Stephen Grigsby, says his client is planning to appeal.


Michelle MacDonald has sued various Dakota County personnel and others in Federal court alleging the mistreatment she received when she was forcibly removed from a Dakota County Courtroom after taking a photograph of the courtroom clock apparently to show that her client’s hearing was proceeding untimely. During the removal process, she alleges that she was subjected to torturous treatment consistent with internationally recognized forms of torture when she was handcuffed, detained, and then brought back into the courtroom in a wheelchair, so she could continue to represent her client. She says county officials ultimately detained her for 36 hours and made improper gender comments to her during the booking process. The county is yet to respond to the allegations

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