Mom (Gigi Jordan), who killed son with a toxic cocktail released from prison because she did not receive a fair public trial

Gigi Jordan was released on home arrest Wednesday after her sentence of 18-years was set aside; she was convicted of killing her 8-year-old autistic son with a fatal dose of pills.

“US Magistrate Judge Sarah Cave said Jordan, 60, would be sprung on a $250,000 bond after she’s outfitted with an electronic ankle monitor — over the objections of state prosecutors who wanted her to remain behind bars while they fight the ruling.”

“We do believe we have a meritorious appeal,” Assistant DA Vincent Rivellese said during the bail hearing in Manhattan federal court, which was conducted via video. “We do intend to retry her if the appeal fails,” Reported.

She was found guilty of manslaughter in 2014 for force-feeding her son, Jude Mirra, a lethal prescription cocktail at a luxury Manhattan hotel and sentenced to 18 years in prison.

The judge reasoned that a judge in the 2014 trial shouldn’t have temporarily closed the courtroom for an off-the-record discussion because it prevented Jordan from having a fair, public trial.

The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides defendants in criminal cases with the right to a public trial.

The general public benefits from seeing how the criminal justice system performs. Judges and prosecutors may have a greater incentive to fulfill their duties if they know the public is watching.

Jordan has already served 11 years in prison — more than 70 percent of her sentence.

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