Is France losing its unique distinction known for embracing romanticism and freedom of personal contingencies? Or are the socialist/communist bugs getting their way too often there?  

After years of debate on the issue, France joined the small number of European countries to adopt the so-called “Nordic” model and criminalized one-half of the typical arrangement where someone contracts for sex. Socialist MP Maud Olivier (an extremist on most issues), led the drive even when those she claimed were being protected, the sex workers, adamantly opposed the legislation.

The French union of sex workers “STRASS” called the law “repressive.”  Nobody knows for sure why the radical lawmaker opposes prostitution so much. Under the new law, anyone who is caught soliciting a prostitute for sex can be charged criminally, the prostitute (aka, sex worker) will not be subject to prosecution under the new law.

The new measure provides that first offenders would be eligible to pay a fine and take educational classes to keep the matter off of his/her record. Subsequent offenses would entail higher fines and a criminal record.

The law hasn’t caught on in much of Europe primarily because experts fear that such laws serve to drive sex workers underground and thereby subject them to greater danger.  Statistics from around the world support this contention in part because “Johns” (or “Janes”), who fear arrest, often will only deal with the sex workers in isolated and clandestine environments to avoid arrest.  

 In countries like the United States, where prostitution is illegal (for both parties), empirical data conclusively demonstrates that women sex workers are overwhelmingly more likely to be assaulted or killed (per capita) than women from any other profession.

The cost for policing and prosecuting prostitution cases have skyrocketed in the U.S. causing earnest discussions about legalizing the practice.

After numerous debates and painstaking research, Amnesty International came out in support of legalizing the world’s oldest profession. 

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