More evidence is needed from the individual voters in the 2020 campaign

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“On Friday, Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell told The Blaze’s Glenn Beck “our forces” have confiscated a voting company server in Germany linked to alleged pro-Joe Biden fraud committed by Dominion Voting Systems. Both the military and the voting company in question have denied this claim.

On Sunday, President Donald Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis released an official statement disassociating Powell from the campaign’s efforts. This came as news to every single person watching, including those still involved in Trump’s re-election campaign,” the federalist reports.  

The President’s decision to disassociate from Powell’s theories is a prudent move unless Powell comes up with empirical data and evidence to support her claims. The evidence must bear with it a degree of persuasion that would convince a court that “it is more likely than not” that fraud occurred.

Thus far, we have not seen such evidence, although the Trump lawsuits are in the pretrial stage. One would expect that additional evidence would be presented at the trial. Still, so far, the courts have not permitted the suits to reach this stage because the court needs adequate evidence from the plaintiff (Trump Campaign) to refute motions for dismissal.

It is more likely than not that some fraud transpired in this election; the problem is that the vote totals never made the game worth the candle; a few hundred votes here and there did not present a winning strategy—Biden has too many votes. But the apparent inability to win at this stage should not end the inquiry if, for no other reason, our electoral process’s core values are at issue. Additional scrutiny of the voter and the ballot would be helpful.

Massive mailings of voter ballots sent to the public likely led to an unexamined collection of Biden’s vote totals. The problem is, how do you prove this? If every ballot in Biden’s column in relevant counties was excised and the voter was identified, and he or she confirmed the vote personally, the inquiry would be over. This would be a Herculean task, but it would likely help appease the 73 million Trump voters who think the election was corrupt and fraudulent.

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