There are NO more hdr22@clintonemail emails from Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State on her server records for review by an independent third party as requested by the House-select committee investigating the matter. Instead, the committee is left with the assurances from the Clinton team that such messages simply do not exist. It is hard to be propitious about the integrity of such claims. Really?? No messages – not even a copy of those emails deleted AFTER her representatives looked at them first, and then determined which emails were government related and which were private- with the claim that private emails were not subject to disclosure. Wow!- Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive. The thing is, most people really don’t care so much about what she may have wrote about Benghazi, rather, it is the vintage murky explanations advanced by her and the Clinton team that have continued to undermine her credibility. Much of what the Clinton team does involves smoke and mirrors- it reminds me of the cheating husband who has an excuse for each piece of evidence uncovered by the wife- or better yet, “She caught me banging on the bathroom floor- it wasn’t me”. It seems to me that you will never get a whole and transparent explanation from the Clintons- not even about matters that were not that important to start with. It seems that the practice of obscure’ness and refusal to accept responsibility is in their nature. But I could be wrong since I certainly do not have all the facts.

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