Most Expensive Steakhouse In Texas and the Two Best in Chicago

Killen’s Steakhouse in Pearland, Texas, is the most expensive in Texas. It is a distinction that only Texans would brag about.

According to Paper City,  “Killen’s least expensive meat offering — the eight-ounce wet-aged filet — costs $42. The food site behind these rankings also cites the $175 48-ounce domestic Wagyu long-bone ribeye at Killen’s.”

“Meats in the middle at Killen’s? A $62 dry-aged ribeye, a $125 Australian Wagyu strip, a $125 six-ounce Japanese A5 Wagyu New York Strip and a mouth-watering sounding Wagyu New York Strip flight that comes in at $150.”

 Killen himself tweeted a photo of a Killen’s guest’s tab of $12,559.35. Some meals break the bank. And then some meals clear out the bank, the cite reports.

In our travels, we found the steaks at the Chicago Chophouse to be excellent. The restaurant is located at 60 W Ontario St in Chicago. This is a safe area. The restaurant boasts:

Enjoy warm welcomes, hand-cut steaks, and a side of history at this iconic restaurant. Be transported to a bygone era with a live pianist nightly and one of the city’s widest selections of steaks, including Grade A5 Japanese Wagyu beef and wet- and dry-aged options from local purveyor Linz. Choose from more than 650 selections on the award-winning wine list, including over a dozen by-the-glass options, all carefully chosen to pair with the restaurant’s menu.

When in Chicago, check out the Erie Cafe – another fabulous steakhouse. I prefer the steaks at this joint over all the other places in Chicago. My girlfriends prefer the Chop House. It is located at 536 Erie St. W. It is a safe place.

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