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A 33-year-old mother bludgeoned and stabbed her 10-year-old son to death this week in Wellington, Kansas. The mother, Lindsey Nicole Blansett, was charged with first degree murder in Summer County. A 9-year-old daughter who was home at the time of the slaying was not physically harmed. According to court documents, Blansett allegedly first hit the boy with a rock and then stabbed him multiple times. According to the county attorney, the charge carries a potential life sentence; a portion of the criminal complaint alleges that: “She decided his life would be full of suffering and pain and that it would be better for him go to heaven tonight. She took a knife and rock into his bedroom, struck him with the rock and stabbed him with the knife multiple times until he was dead”.

COMMENT: Other details of the incident are unknown at this time although it appears, based upon the descriptive wording of the criminal complaint, a statement may have been given by the defendant. Although a life sentence is possible in a first degree murder case of this type, it is likely that Blansett’s state of mind at the time of the act, and the nature of the crime (filicide) will factor into sentencing considerations in the event she is found or pleads guilty. We have previously written about the need for additional resources and government awareness programs pertaining to acts of filicide (see, “More Mental Health is Needed in Cases of Filicide”), and this case is another example as to why this is so important. Hopefully, knowledge of this unfathomable crime will bring about increased public and clinical awareness of the disorder with a goal of preventing such thoughts from becoming acts.

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