Nancy Pelosi Says her Colleagues Have No Idea about the Particulars of Circulating Stimulus Proposals– Only She Does

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California Rep. Ro Khanna said that many people could not wait for stimulus and unemployment aid until February. Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said there was some good in the Republicans’ (and President Trumps’) recent proposals.

” In response, Pelosi said, “they know nothing about” the specifics of the White House’s proposals and “they are not negotiating this situation — they have no idea of the particulars, they have no idea of what the language is here.”

When Wolf Blitzer’s (CNN) raised the obvious immediate need for stimulus and unemployment aid, Pelosi said he was not as knowledgeable as her.

She added, “With all due respect, you really don’t know what you’re talking about,” Pelosi responded to Blitzer. “So do a service to the issue and have some level of respect for the people who have worked on these issues, written the bill, to begin with,” Breitbart reported.

What an arrogant and ignorant person. She is boxed in. She knows the public needs the aide but doesn’t want the President to get any credit. She puts her politics ahead of the people.

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