New England Patriots Owner, Robert Kraft, Was Cited In Florida Prostitution Sting Operation.

Less than two weeks before his New England Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl, police say 77-year-old billionaire Robert Kraft’s driver dropped him off at an ordinary strip mall in Jupiter, the BBC reports.

 “Kraft entered the Orchids of Asia Day Spa and paid for a woman to perform a sex act on him, Jupiter, Florida police said. The spa has ties to an international human trafficking and prostitution ring. And according to police, it’s all on video,” the paper added. Hundreds of arrest warrants issued during the sting operation. 

Under the NFL’s conduct policy that states “ownership and club or league management have traditionally been held to a higher standard and will be subject to more significant discipline,” Goodell could fine and suspend Kraft from any activities involving the Super Bowl champions, the reports. Kraft denies the allegations.


We have argued that prostitution should be regulated and legalized.

 The spas alleged ties to international human-trafficking underscore the urgent need to keep prostitution victims safe. The sex worker business will never go away, and the cost to police prostitution is staggering. Our country’s puritan origins are wrongfully blocking initiatives to decriminalize prostitution, yet many of those who oppose such measures use the services of sex workers.  

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