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Wow!, the New York Times finally gave Donald Trump his due following his resounding victory in the New York Republican primary. The Times said:

Mr. Trump seemed like a different man as he claimed victory in the lobby of Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan. There were no freewheeling presentations of steaks and bottled water, as in the past. There was no reference to “Lyin’ Ted” or “Crooked Hillary”; he called his opponent “Senator Cruz” instead, and made no mention of Mrs. Clinton. He also took no questions from the news media. And his speech sounded more presidential than any other he has given on an election night — a focused tightened message about trade and the economy as he prepares to campaign in states hit hard by manufacturing industry losses.”

Kudos to the New York Times for jettisoning their usual refractive coverage of Trump. But, to be fair, we too, like the change in tone and demeanor of Trump over the last 24 hours. We hope he maintains this new presence.

About Senator Cruz’s distant third-place finish, we agree with the person below who posted in response to the article online.


nyc 3 hours ago

“No surprise here. Trump was always expected to win. The only question was by how much.
But the real story is how poorly Mr. Cruz performed in a State as large and as important as New York.
Yes, it is true that Cruz also won his own home State of Texas… but not by so wide a margin. And Trump came in 2nd place in Texas in a much larger field of candidates. Cruz is finishing well behind in last place out of 3 candidates.
And so, once again when the voters have a direct voice Trump wins and Cruz loses. Apparently, Cruz only wins when the System can be worked for all it’s worth between the caucus process and the delegate buy off.
For a guy who purportedly decries the Establishment, Mr. Cruz is certainly enamored of the System and consistently uses it to the fullest extent.”


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