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The Derisive Race for President tightens

Although the first Presidential debate is set for this coming Monday, the New York Times had heard enough– today, they did openly, what they have been doing beguilingly in their opinions masqueraded as “news” articles — they endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

The paper’s plan is to put forth Clinton’s positive qualities in this editorial piece and then follow-up with a scathing denouncement of Trump’s flawed character. They provided a snippet of their view of Trump saying that he is “ the worst nominee put forward by a major party in modern American history.”

The paper is fond of Clinton because she and “her team have produced comprehensive proposals on crime.” They omit the fact that Clinton supported draconian sentences for young African Americans. 

They say that Clinton has fought below the radar “for money for farmers, hospitals, small businesses and environmental projects. They forget to mention that she and her husband struggled hardest to enrich themselves, at the public expense, through the Clinton Foundation. They were paid incredibly large speaking fees once the foundation gave the payees access to the inner circles of government decision makers. 

The editorial board similarly, conceded that “Clinton’s occasional missteps, combined with attacks on her trustworthiness, have distorted perceptions of her character,” but they downplayed her misconduct. It is clear to a majority of Americans that she is not trustworthy.

What about Donald Trump? There can be little doubt that Trump has made many statements that we do not agree with, and he favors policies that we find excessive and offensive.

We are opposed to the death penalty under all circumstances except where a defendant requests it. Trump endorses capital punishment.

We are pro-choice and think that the government has no right to tell a woman that she can not have an abortion. Trump is Pro-life.

We disfavor increased police power and court rulings that extend these capabilities including issues dealing with stop and frisks, arrests, search and seizures, confessions, sentencing guidelines, and other matters dealing with criminal procedures and prosecutions. Trump favors increased police powers, and we are concerned about his choices for judicial appointments.

Trump’s sometimes bombastic comments about immigration concerns have given us cause for anxiety although it appears that his positions have moderated these past few months. We do advocate a strengthening of policies affecting the entry of unexamined candidates for admission into the United States. There has to be enhanced scrutiny of those candidates who have any terrorist connections.  

After carefully analyzing Trump’s statements and actions over the past year, and upon researching his business transactions, we have concluded that he is not a racist, bigot or misogynist. He is also not a “moron” as some aging, and uninformed entertainers have called him, quite the opposite, he is an astute business person. The same can be said about Hillary and her husband’s business acumen, but unlike Trump, they reaped their fortunes by abusing their elective or appointed political offices. Their greed seems to have no end.

We also think Clinton is weak and careless on national security issues. Although many military people have supported her campaign, it is apparent that these generals and agency heads are only repaying their debts to the Clintons incurred when, with Clinton support, their careers were advanced. Trump, although sometimes lacking in specifics starts with a fresh and promising slate. He is not a politician, and he does not yet owe favors. (Except to me, after this endorsement, I want to be the French Ambassador). 

Hillary Clinton simply has terrible character; there is no way around it. She has apparently lied about her emails, Benghazi, and other vital matters. She can’t be trusted. The people expect their President to be an honest and decent person. Clinton fails this test. It is true that Trump’s character in many ways is untested. Moreover, he has said plenty of dumb things, but Clinton has done bad stuff – there is no guesswork involved where her dishonesty and proclivity towards power and greed is concerned.

Although neither candidate is without serious character defects, on balance, we endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States. We hope that he surrounds himself with competent advisors and continues to moderate several of his views. 


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