New York Times Dangerously Hawks Russian Bounty Claim While Casting National Security Aside- Biden Emerges from Hiding

The New York Times focuses on an April 2019 car bombing that killed three Marines to bolster the newspaper’s unproven claim that President Trump was aware of a fantastical and clandestine covert operation carried out by Russia to place bounties on American soldiers.

Their logic goes something like this: He knew about the 2019 incident; he must be aware of the general claim that he knew about this alleged ongoing bounty claims. First, the April 29th incident has nothing to do with bounties. Second, there is no evidence that President Trump was ever briefed on this likely imaginary bounty issue in general.

New York Times uses dubious sources in their anti-Trump story.

When writing about seized funds allegedly used to fund would-be assassins, the paper uses anomalous sources– a sign that the underlying allegations in Time’s story are dubious.

After likely consulting with the Biden election team, the paper is pushing these false narratives to discredit Trump.

The Times story Dangerously Threatens National Security.

The Times is fully aware that such matters involve highly sensitive national security issues, and the Whitehouse is estopped from releasing some details. A National Security Council spokesman declined to comment on any connection between the Marines’ deaths and the suspected Russian plot. The Times put anti-Trump allegations ahead of national security.


Meanwhile, Joe Biden finally briefly emerged from his basement, remaining clueless. He babbled on about the Coronas Virus. However, his remarks were essentially meaningless and misleading. He said the President lied about the virus. “We can’t continue without a plan” that hopes for the best. Of course, President Trump has put numerous comprehensive plans into place.

Without testing, we are flying blind,” Biden said. He added, “We should create a testing board.” Biden called for the use of the “Defense Production Act.” Of course, under the Trump plan, testing has been occurring at a record level. We should be mainly focused on treatment and vaccines,” he mumbled.

Biden praised the World Health Organization despite the organization’s numerous missteps and outright dangerous policies.

“This is not rocket science; it’s a simple method,” Biden sleeplessly uttered.

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