1. Alissa (left), 17, and Deanna Hochman, 13, were both killed, authorities said.

A retired White Plains, New York cop killed two of his daughters, his pets, and then took his own life at their Westchester County residence located in the village of Harrison, according to Harrison Police Chief Anthony Marraccini. Glen Hochman, who had worked for the department for 22 years, having retired in January, is believed to have killed Alissa (17) and Deanna (13). The Chief said Hochman’s wife and another daughter, Anamarie DiPietro-Hochman (50) and Samantha (22), were not home at the murder/suicide time.

Alissa was a senior at Harrison High School. The school posted on their website, “With great sadness, our District mourns the death of high school senior Alissa Hochman, and her younger sister, Deanna both lost to incomprehensible tragedy.”

COMMENT: What a tragedy. Although this case’s details are not really known, the wife and older daughter’s pain and suffering seem unfathomable. We wish them strength during these times and hope that school friends, family, and others will try to comfort them.

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