NY Times Columnist, Charles Blow, Needs Anger Management Classes Where His Detestation of All Trump Supporters Is Concerned

“Steve Bannon may no longer be physically in the White House, but his spirit lingers there as the guide of the Donald Trump administration and the soul at the core of its beliefs.” Writing in the New York Times, editorial writer, Charles Blow goes on to directly link Bannon to the “Alt right” through “his right-wing website Breitbart.” – he concludes by saying the “Alt-right is just a new name for Nazis and racists.

Blow quotes The Daily Beast for the proposition that “Breitbart has elective affinities (A feeling of sympathy or attraction towards a particular idea, attitude or person) with the Alt-Right, and the Alt-Right has clearly influenced Breitbart … In this way, Breitbart has acted as a ‘gateway’ to Alt-Right ideas and writers. I don’t think it has done this deliberately; again, it’s a matter of elective affinities.”

Blow finished his diatribe by asserting that President Trump’s  latest tax bill “ensured that working people would most feel the pain from the bill, in cutbacks to government services like education and the social safety net.” I thought this was an article about Steve Bannon– alas, Blow can’t help dragging Trump into the equation.


Blow’s visceral detestation of President Trump has been evident since the beginning of the election —but his hatred goes much deeper –Blow’s repugnant disposition directed at Trump extends to most of the President’s supporters. He calls all alt-righters nazis or racists. (Some might be, but not all). If you support Trump, you are prima facie racist in Blow’s book — he needs some anger management classes.

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