Obama Disingenuously Ties Donald Trump to the KKK, Joins the Clinton Desperate Race Card Tactic

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President Obama is doubling down on the race card, an issue that helped catapult him to consecutive terms to the White House, as he frantically spoke in support of Hillary Clinton before a crowd at Fayetteville State University.

He continued with the negative message, “If you disrespect women before you were president, you will disrespect women when you’re in office,” said Mr. Obama, speaking at a North Carolina rally on Wednesday.

Obama disingenuously raised the specter of the KKK about Republican candidate Donald Trump to cheering students. Obama could not intellectually substantiate the connection because, as he knows, there is no quid pro quo between KKK activists and Trump: David Duke, a Klan leader has voiced support for Trump. However, the candidate has renounced the endorsement.

Hillary Clinton and her surrogates now believe that Clinton’s only chance is to turn out a huge number of minority voters knowing that she will garner most of their support. The race card fits nicely with that process because it tends to anger minorities and whites and thereby stimulate them into action.



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