Obama says President Trump could always be arrested and dug out of the Whitehouse by Navy Seals.

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Former President Barack Obama told night host Jimmy Kimmel that “we can always send the Navy SEALs” to remove President Donald Trump from the White House physically.

Obama’s remarks were made while drumming for his latest convoluted bio called “A Promised Land.”  When asked by Kimmel if the White House has any secret spots where “someone could hide” if they don’t want to leave, Obama replied: “Well, I think we can always send the Navy SEALS in there to dig him out.

 Kimmel, a frequent critic of President Trump, recently called for the President to be “arrested” over comments the President made about voter fraud in battleground states, including Pennsylvania and Georgia.

“It was a litany of lies, threats, just a despicable and incoherent attack on democracy in the United States,” Kimmel said. “At the end of that speech, he should have been arrested.”

It has since been ascertained that the election was riddled with either fraud or gross negligence to Biden’s interest.

We expect bloviating comics like Kimmel to utter senseless and false claims. But Obama, who frequently attacks the President’s character, should look in the mirror. When he does so, he should be reminded that he and Biden spied on the Trump campaign using discredited FBI agents and that President Trump accomplished more for Black Americans than Obama did in eight years. He is not nearly as smart as some give him credit for.

As for his book, it is nothing more than a narcissist, blathering on about himself while spewing falsehoods about Trump and others. He was a huge disappointment in reforming prisons and prisoners’ rights in general, let alone Black offenders. Trump made major accomplishments in these areas, and yet he is frequently called a racist; Obama has done nothing to correct this false narrative; by encouraging the racism stories. Obama continues to exhibit his bad character. Partial source: breitbart.com

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