Obama’s Curious Opposition to the Full Release of the 6,700 Page CIA Torture Report

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A report consisting of 6,700 pages details torture methods used by CIA operatives during their interrogation of suspected terrorists. A 500 page executive summary of the report was provided to the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2014.  As the battle to obtain the full report  for eventual public view continues, some chilling new details have surfaced through court-ordered disclosures.

The New York Times reports that “Batches of newly disclosed documents about the Central Intelligence Agency’s defunct torture program are providing new details about its practices of slamming terrorism suspects into walls, confining them in coffinlike boxes and subjecting them to waterboarding — as well as internal disputes over whether two psychologists who designed the program were competent.”

Lawyers representing detainees Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the suspected mastermind of the deadly October 2000 attack on the American destroyer Cole, asked a federal judge to order the entire report preserved. One concern held by the lawyers and others is that the data could be lost or destroyed. Some worry that a Trump Administration would not be supportive of releasing any of the details of the damning report. The court ordered that the report be filed with the court under seal.


Another disturbing fact is that the Obama Administration has fought the disclosure request. We can discern no logical reason to support the Obama Administration’s opposition to the full disclosure of these torture reports. American citizens need to know whether our government agencies are employing barbaric interrogation practices. Obama presented himself as a caring man who treasures due process of law, yet he has failed to demonstrate this compassionate stance in some areas. His opposition to transparency, where the CIA and other agencies are concerned, is troublesome.

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