Former President, William Jefferson Clinton agreed to speak at the “Happy Hearts Fund” charity- the fee-$500,000. The money purportedly came in the form of a donation of the same amount to the William, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Most honest and hard-working Americans would probably pause at the alarmism inherent in such a grandiose transaction, but in the world of the Clintons, they seem banal; moreover, if your organization, company, charity, or other entity, is seeking power and contacts around the world, it seems that the Clintons can make these connections available for you through the foundation. Perhaps never in the history of the United States, has an organization of this type, exerted so much political clout throughout the world, albeit with ample criticism, much of it directed at Hillary for the alleged advantages she gains from the foundation in her bid for the Presidency. But so far, she has enjoyed a “Teflon” –like resistance to the criticisms, and we cannot say that there is a compelling basis for such claims. We can say that the whole foundation issue, and the Clinton wealth, is problematic for her. Recently, the NY Times covered this story and solicited the comments of a prominent academic who responded:

This is primarily a small but telling example of the way the Clintons operate,” said Doug White, who directs the master’s program in fund-raising management at Columbia University. “The model has responsibility; she paid a high price for a feel-good moment with Bill Clinton. But he was riding the back of this small charity for what? A half-million bucks? I find it — what would be the word? — distasteful.” (NYTimes, 5/29/15).

Meanwhile, Hillary is on the campaign trail, pitching her message to everyday Americans. Somewhere, to use computer parlance, there has to be a “connection to server loss” between her and the everyday man and women toiling each day to make ends meet, at least if you compare lifestyles.

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