Open our Beaches, Lakes, Parks and Outdoor Activities for Healthy Living

Beaches are partially open in various beach areas subject to local rules on social distancing and related restrictions. California is one of the most restrictive states. Mississippi is the least constraining. Many experts agree that beaches, the sea, and open-air present the least danger of spreading the Corona Virus.

Because governors have been given broad leeway in implementing rules in their communities, it is necessary to call ahead before you hit the sand and water. A list of beaches in Florida can be found in this cite. To check your area, type in “Beaches open”.  

We feel that the restrictions enacted in most states are inconsistent with reasonable health concerns. Cooping people up for extended periods, it seems to us, cause harm. Alcoholism, domestic assaults, divorces, children’s educational endeavors, and psychological issues across the nation are on the rise because of the government’s constraints. 

It is time for the citizens to be free and to get back to a healthy life—at least where outdoor activities are concerned. 

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