Parrot’s Testimony leads to Murder Conviction For Michigan Woman

A  Michigan woman has been found guilty of murdering her husband in a crime witnessed only by their pet parrot. Glenna Duram, 49, was convicted of first-degree murder in a Michigan courtroom Wednesday. Her husband, Martin Duram.was the victim and she shot him five times. When the police arrived, they discovered that she had self-inflicted gunshot wounds—the result of an apparent attempt to kill herself after shooting her husband.

The strangest aspect of the case involved the testimony of the couple’s parrot, Bud, who could be heard saying “Don’t fucking shoot.” over and over again when the police arrived at the scene. Bud’s testimony closely resembled Martin Duram’s voice: Bud had learned to mimic both female and male voices. Bud also “testified” that the couple had been engaged in a heated argument before the shooting.

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The two had financial problems, and Glenna had a gambling problem. She left a suicide note that was confirmed to be her writing by a handwriting analyst. Sentencing is pending.


We repeatedly have warned couples not to own parrots who have mastered the ability to mimic their owner’s voices. They cannot be trusted.


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