The Philippines: No Country For Tourists– The Government-Sponsored Killings Have To Stop

Henchmen under the spell and control of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte roam the streets of Manilla and other cities in the country looking for suspected drug users and dealers who they then kill without any compliment of due process of law. Young men and woman (some juveniles) are assassinaed by these goons on the streets, often in front of loved ones, for alleged crimes not supported by any level of cause. 

Philippine citizens are being hunted down and slaughtered. The problem is when you consider that around 5,000 people have been killed there, the sheer number of bullets fired likely presents a danger to unwitting tourists who may be dining, dancing or sight-seeing in neighborhoods throughout the country.

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Busy Streets and Random Shootings can be a Recipe for Danger

The police say that since July 1, they have killed more than 2,000 people suspected of drug-related crimes. Also, more than 3,500 homicides remain unsolved, many at the hands of unknown vigilantes”, the New York Times  reports. Those numbers are conservative. 

Meanwhile, Duterte is making the claim that President-elect Donald Trump has praised his lethal war on drugs in which thousands, many young and innocent, have died.  Duterte said on Saturday following a phone call between the leaders, according to the Guardian, that Trump “wished him success in his controversial crackdown, in which 4,800 people have been killed since June.”

James Taylor Cancels Concert in Protest

The New York Times reports that American singer-songwriter James Taylor has canceled a February concert in Manila to protest the Philippinesbloody antidrug campaign, in which thousands of people have been killed.


A source with knowledge of the goings on in the Trump transition team said that the President-elect would “start with a clean slate with Duterte”. In the past, we have called for Duterte’s resignation given his dismal human rights record. Given the consistent reporting from reputable sources that Duterte is continuing to violently cause the death of Philippine citizens without any application of even rudimentary compliment of due process, we affirm our position that he should resign, be forced out, or at a minimum, the United Nations should disavow the country until this occurs. Trump should also make it crystal clear that he cannot support any leader who is willing to take the lives of any person without regard to due process.

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