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It takes time to develop effective moves in virtually all competitive matters but where attracting members of the opposite sex is concerned, one cannot have too many tricks, artifices and methods. I learned a few of my most ingenuous approaches at the age of 10 while observing and listening to old-timers play cards at the local pool hall in my hometown of 850 people; there was not much else happening for me. It was always a smoky room lined with “spit cans” crudely designed (old coffee urns) to hold spent tobacco wads constantly being chewed by this group of five or so men, all past 75. My role was to watch and not comment- I was told to “be seen and not heard”, a rule never challenged. The games could easily take up the better part of the day while cursing was the norm and baths and showers seemed like annual events. Commentaries about world matters and the government spewed out faster than the spit residue from the chew wads usually by several of the men at the same time. It was there that I first learned to listen carefully trying to hone in on bits of sage advice, waiting patiently for the topic to turn to females. The men, all bachelors or widowers, didn’t seem to place women in general on a high plateau but they certainly seemed knowledgeable to me. I learned that women most appreciated to be the center of the conversation when you first met them. I was told to only briefly mention any attributes I might have and then shift the remainder of the conversation towards them.  It was explained that I should only quickly say one positive thing about myself and then 9 good features about them. All women appreciate that they said. Many years later, I would use that method. I would start out (usually in a bar) by introducing myself as a rancher and leather expert (leather coats were popular and expensive at the time) and then quickly bestow a ton of compliments on her. True to what the old men had told me, in one sentence about myself, I had established that I was successful and working in a very cool arena. Simultaneously, the girls appreciated my genuine concern about their lives and thought I was sensitive towards their feelings. The old men also taught me that women like successful guys. I practiced that art as well. One of the first tricks I had great success with was developing a relationship with bartenders in “rich” bars frequented by women who appreciated a successful sort of guy (usually blondes). My routine was to tell the bartender that I would, at the appropriate moment, after bellying up to the bar, inquire as to the price of a shot of “Louis XIII de Re’my Martin Cognac”. He would say $450.00! He would promptly deliver the booze in a small clouded shot glass. Unbeknownst to the gal next to me (hearing and watching the transaction), the container would be filled with cola. After downing several of these (sometimes I barked out “make it a double”), I started the conversation leaving a wad of bills on the bar- a twenty on each side filled with ones (The old men mentioned this trick too). This was successful for me. Over the years, I became quite the star at meeting new women- thanks to these old men from the pool hall. In hindsight, I wish I would have learned how to keep women once you get them maybe that doesn’t involve tricks.

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