Come on, you can take this animal seriously (Credit: Lynn M. Stone/NPL)

Photo Credit: Lynn M. Stone, NPL (Not the panda that was killed).

Three men in south-western China accused of selling 35kg (77lb) of meat from a panda they killed are to be prosecuted, a court has announced. Ten suspects were arrested after a raid of a residence yielded approximately 20 pounds of meat. The suspects had sold the rest of the meat for $750, and eaten the rest. Poaching pandas in China is rare because the animal is widely believed to be sacred. The penalty can be death. Back in 1987, the Chinese government warned of the harsh penalties; the minimum prison sentence is 10 years. The pelt of a panda was photographed by the police following the raid.

Suspects arrested in panda-killing case that sparked public fury

Photo taken by Chinese Police that depicts the pelt of the butchered panda.

As in the case of the Minnesota dentist who killed a famous lion named “Leo” while on a hunting trip, a wealthy Chinese businessman, Li Chengzhang was apprehended by police after he took part in illegal hunting at a protected forest, photographing himself with his trophy kill for use on social networking sites. Both men are now the subject substantial on social media sites.

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