Police in Pennsylvania Unreasonably Attack and Punch 20-Year-Old Bathing on a Beach.

Police bodycam footage of a woman who was punched in the head by an officer on a beach in the US shows she was told “you’re about to get dropped” and slammed to the ground after refusing to tell him her surname, according to The Guardian.

“Emily Weinman, 20, of Philadelphia, was shown being struck while being held down on the sand during the incident on Saturday in New Jersey, in a video taken by a bystander that emerged this week.

The footage did not show what led to the arrest but Ernie Troiano Jr, the mayor of Wildwood, where the incident occurred, alleged in comments to the Philadelphia Inquirer that Weinman was the “aggressor” and that body camera footage would show officers being insulted and spat on.

However, the footage released by Wildwood police does not show Weinman insulting officers or spitting at them until she has been pinned down. She has claimed she was spitting out sand that was in her mouth.”


The police bodycam stopped working at one point— we find no reasonable explanation for the footage video to stop recording. Fortunately, a bystander also filmed the scene. Based on the depictions we have reviewed, the police wrongfully attacked this young girl. Their conduct should be examined for possible criminal charges against the officers, particularly the one who was punching this girl. We acknowledge that the police claim they did nothing wrong. Bystanders refute the claim by the cops that Weinman started this assaultive scenario


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