Predictions of the verdicts in the George Floyd trial: we were wrong! Chauvin found guilty of all counts

Appeal to follow

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Here’s what our opinion was before the verdict:

We think the verdict in the Floyd Floyd trial will be a split one.

The jury will fill either find Derek Chauvin not guilty of the second-degree murder charge or be a be-hung jury on this count (All jurors must vote either guilty or not guilty for a conviction or an acquittal).

The Jurors will find Chauvin Not Guilty or be a hung jury on the 3rd-degree murder (depraved mind) count.

The jury will convict the defendant of the manslaughter charge.

As we have previously opined, if Chauvin is convicted of third-degree murder, the Minnesota Supreme Court may reverse the conviction based on faulty jury instructions.  

Our opinion was wrong. That’s the good thing about opinions, everyone has them.

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