Mr. Obama took extraordinary measures when he asked Republican leaders to pull back their support of Donald Trump, a man he said was unfit to be President. It was extraordinary in the sense that Presidents before Obama had more class and would not stoop to such obvious political tactics: Previous Presidents have chosen to remain Presidential. Donald Trump has retaliated by saying Obama and Clinton are unfit and that Clinton is unfit “for any office.” The difference is, one is a political candidate, the other occupies the highest office in the land– we expect more from this office. 

Members of the media have wrongfully concluded that Mr. Trump has “put Republicans into an untenable position: Criticizing their nominee could be seen as taking the advice of a president whom their core voters strongly dislike, potentially alienating the very people they need for re-election — but sitting idly as Mr. Trump attacks them and makes inflammatory comments may alienate more moderate voters.” It is the Republican leaders who have placed themselves into this “untenable” position. Their job is to support their party and not worry about their personal political ass. McCain and Ryan (not to mention the Republican deserters who are now openly supporting Clinton) need to “grow some sets” and back Trump.

Regarding Gov. Mike Pence’s open split with Trump Wednesday by endorsing Speaker Paul D. Ryan’s re-election bid, is one of the reasons why we said he was the wrong choice for Trump. Granted, he is friends with Ryan and has a long political history, but now is not the time to split with Trump on any major issues: Unanimity is crucial, and Pence and the others should vigorously get with the Trump train.

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