President Trump Vindicated by Reports of Surveillance released by Congressmen Devin Nunes and King, Members of the House Intelligence Committee

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), Chairman, of the House Intelligence Committee released details about surveillance concerning certain persons involved in the incoming Trump Administration: The information was widely collected and assimilated in intelligence reports. Nunes said there were conversations pertaining directly to President Trump. He said, “what I’ve read has bothered me, and some of it is inappropriate.” Nunes added there was no Russian involvement.

Trump said he was somewhat vindicated by Nune’s report.

Congressman Peter King (R-NY added that the reports listed the names of people contained in the intercepted communications, some who spoke about the past and intended future meetings with President Trump. The names of individuals were not masked or minimized as is required by law absent a lawful court order.

King appeared on the O’Reilly Factor tonight and agreed with host Bill O’Reilly that “The Obama Administration surveilled the Trump Transition Team”. King said this would be “a one-hundred percent” correct assertion.


Obama has been criticized throughout his two terms for trampling on the due process privacy rights of American citizens. The former president has doggedly pursued leaks and other journalism sources whenever the information the source included negative reports about his administration. We have little doubt that the Obama team surveilled the incoming Trump transition team. This would include repeating conversations heard at social and other events around the world.

The mainstream anti-Trump press has outright suggested that Trump was over-the-top on his allegations that Trump surveilled Trump Towers. Others have suggested that the words wiretapped, and surveillance, are interchangeable and that Trump’s language was loose. However, it now appears that Trump may have been generally correct. Either way, the sources of the leaks need to be identified

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