President Trump Calls for a Ban on Choke Holds Except Where the Officer’s Life is In Danger in Executive Order

President Trump spoke at the White House today to announce some details of his Executive Order on “Safe Policing for Safe Communities.” The President said, “We are one nation, we live together, we grieve together. We have to find common ground”.

I strongly disfavor defunding police departments. Without safety, there is a catastrophe. When others run away from danger, police officers run straight toward the danger. Vast numbers of police and firefighters ran straight toward the 911 disaster and never came back.

The President noted that 89 law enforcement were killed last year. Twelve thousand were arrested for murder last year. Forty-seven percent of all homicides in Chicago went without arrests. Distressed areas need strong law enforcement presence, the President said.


Federal grants will be available to the states to help facilitate these reforms. Choke holds will be prohibited except where the officer’s life is at risk.

The President called for Federal funding for police departments dealing with citizens who have mental health and drug dependence issues. “We have to break old patterns of failure.”

The President’s remarks were spot-on and welcomed. We cannot help but note that these measures were never advanced when Biden was Vice President. The President has and continues to take action while Biden makes promises about matters he never acted on when he was in power.

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