President Trump’s Decision to Stop Funding the World Health Organization is a Correct One

President Trump announced Friday “that the U.S. will be terminating it’ s relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO), saying it had failed to adequately respond to the coronavirus because China has “total control” over the global organization,” according to the LA Times.

The President has frequently criticized the WHO claiming that the organization treats China’s version of the Corona Virus origin, and the steps taken to combat it, as the unadulterated truth. Trump strongly opines that China has all along misrepresented the truth—particularly their reporting of statistics concerning the spread and fatal results of the virus. The U.S. is the largest financial backer of the WHO giving them around $450 million annually. China gives about $40 million. According to the BBC, German Health Minister Jens Spahn described the setback as “disappointing” although he accepted the fact that the  WHO “needs reform”. The EU “must take a leading role and engage more financially.”

President Trump intends to give funds to other qualified and worthy health organizations. We support the President’s decision. For too long, China has taken advantage of the United States in multiple circumstances. The clandestine operation of stealing trade secrets is one example. Trump has been making significant progress in trade deals, but he must remain vigilant on matters like this. The WHO is functioning like a puppet where China’s interests are concerned.

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