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Most everything in this world involves sex in one way or another; either the practice is resolutely restricted for ideological religious reasons, and therefore on the minds of those so affected, or it is openly displayed in ads, movies, songs, books and practically everywhere you look. When sex is not readily available, some turn to prostitutes for relief; this is not surprising in that it is estimated that 30% of men, 30 or older, have paid for sex; 40 million people look at porn regularly; 70% of men think about sex multiple times per day- and women are estimated to have sex with up to 10 different partners 29% of the time while men do so at the rate of 26%. Sex is very important to most people and some surveys indicate that the thought of sex is one of the most dominant mental images in the brain. It is no wonder why the sex business is thriving. The business generates over $150 billion dollars annually and many women and men turn up missing, dead, addicted or scarred for life. We recently wrote about some missing prostitutes in Long Island, New York and the grief and uncertainty that attaches to such occurrences.

The cost for fighting prostitution in the legal system is enormous and the ancient practice is not going away anytime soon. In one police sting around 60 people were arrested in Texas this past year; millions of dollars are spent trying to enforce strict laws that prohibit prostitution and the prison costs are soaring. While it is estimated that about 1/4th of the prostitutes work the streets, most are working with pimps or by themselves through websites; the number of prosecutions are on the rise in some locations, but there is no evidence to indicate that the number of prostitutes will decline. Many people believe the best solution is to legalize prostitution thereby substantially reducing the costs and grief associated with the acts that are increasingly subjecting the prostitutes and the public to increased dangers; this solution is primarily opposed on religious grounds, however, as costs keep rising, some conservatives will likely change their minds. We hope so because we don’t want mothers ever to think their daughter has reached such a low point in her life, through drug addiction and prostitution, that when her serial killer murderer is identified, she says, “He’s a monster without a soul”, and “No one, I mean no one, deserves to be killed by such a monster. Not even my daughter.

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