Raphael Warnock’s Retreat from his Anti-Jewish Remarks Rings Hollow

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Rev. Raphael Warnock, the Democratic Senate candidate who on Tuesday advanced to a January runoff in Georgia’s hotly contested special election, last year signed his name to a statement likening Israeli control of the West Bank to “previous oppressive regimes” such as “apartheid South Africa” and suggesting that “ever-present physical walls that wall in Palestinians” is “reminiscent of the Berlin Wall.” Jewish Insider reported.

The publication followed up with another story saying that Warnock “blasted Israel” in a 2018 sermon. On Monday, Nov. 9, Loeffler amplified that sermon on Twitter, accusing Warnock of having “a long history of anti-Israel extremism.”

After the troublesome statement and video were discovered by Warnock’s opponents in the Georgia runoff, Warnock quickly attempted to reconcile his anti-Israel beliefs; we find his remarks to be disengaged with common sense.

People do not make detailed statements as described above without having first applied a premeditated forethought of the content. His remarks about Israel were serious and not something a normal person would utter unless he believed what he was saying.

The people of Georgia should keep his anti-Jewish beliefs in mind before they vote. Such remarks not only apply to Jews; they indicate Warnock’s bad character; he cannot be trusted to represent Georgians in the Senate.

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