Jessica Cain was 17 years old when she went missing on August 17, 1997, from La Marque, Texas. She had last been seen at a restaurant with her friends. Her truck was recovered along Interstate 45 South, but her body was never found. Now, bones were discovered in a field in Houston that may be her remains although the police are not confirming this. Anthropologists have taken this evidence to the lab for DNA testing. Authorities say that William Lewis Reece (56), has reportedly been assisting investigators in the case. Reece has been a suspect in the Cain case and a “person of interest” in the death of Laura Kate Smither (12), for years. Cain’s abandoned pickup truck was found on the southbound shoulder of Interstate 45 near Omega Bay in August of 1997. This Interstate is infamous partly because of the number of victims that have been found in relatively close proximity to it. The so-called “Texas Killing Fields” is a 25-acre patch of land located roughly a mile from the Interstate. Around thirty bodies have been located in these isolated fields that have been dubbed “the perfect place for killing somebody.” The Interstate has also been called “The Highway from Hell” because of the unusual number of crashes that have occurred on it.

A few months earlier, on April 3rd, 1997, Smither vanished after leaving her Friendswood home to go jogging on the morning of April 1997. Her body was found weeks later in a detention pond in Pasadena. The Friendswood PD says the case is open and “very active”. Reece has never been charged in the Cain and Smither matters, but he was charged with murder and kidnapping in the 1997 case of Tiffany Johnston (19). Her vehicle was found abandoned at a carwash in Bethany, Oklahoma, and later, her remains were discovered in a neighboring county. Reece is facing a possible death sentence, if convicted, in that case. It is unclear whether his cooperation in the Cain case will convince prosecutors to take the death penalty off of the table in the Oklahoma matter, or whether he has any additional information about other cases. 

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