Rep. Marcy (D-Ohio) says her constituents are being ignored by the Democratic Party who is focusing on wealthy, often Coastal districts

Billionaires and Big Tech interests have nothing to do with the working-class Midwest constituents

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The longest-serving woman in Congress, Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio), told The Hill in a recent interview that she struggles with a growing sense of alienation within the Democratic party as she fights for the interests of her mostly working-class Midwest constituents while the Democrat party is increasingly dominated by representatives from wealthy, often coastal districts.

‘They just can’t understand,’ Kaptur told the outlet, referring to the difficulty some of her Democrat colleagues have in relating to the concerns of blue-collar constituents like hers.

‘They can’t understand a family that sticks together because that’s what they have. Their loved ones are what they have, their little town, their home, as humble as it is—that’s what they have,’ she added.

Kaptur told the outlet that she worries that the voices of congressional Democrats who represent wealthy districts are increasingly drowning out those who represent heartland districts.

‘It’s been very hard for regions like mine, which have had great economic attrition, to get fair standing, in my opinion,’ Kaptur said, adding that, as a Democrat who represents a working-class district, she feels like a minority within her party.

In the interview, Kaptur touched on congressional district data, which showed that 19 out 20 of the nation’s wealthiest districts are represented by Democrats.

‘Several of my colleagues in the top ranks have said to me, ‘You know, we don’t understand your part of the country.’ And they’re very genuine,’ Kaptur said. ‘You can’t understand what you haven’t been a part of.’

The idea that Democrats are losing touch with their blue-collar roots and are increasingly turning into the elites’ party while Republicans are on track to becoming a multiethnic working-class coalition was an oft-repeated theme in the wake of the 2020 election.

In his first remarks following the November election, in which the GOP defied expectations and made gains in the House, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), the House Minority Leader, declared, ‘This election cycle has made one thing clear: The Republican Party is now the party of the American worker,” Epoch Times reported. [emphasis added].

The Democratic party has abandoned the Midwest and its traditional, hard-working families. The Party’s focus, aided by billionaires and the Mainstream media and Big Tech, has decided to put their money where the masses and academic liberals dwell. It is not by coincidence that these masses subscribe to most of the left’s extreme positions on immigration, police defunding, go-Green that the left aims to cultivate them into their fold. After all, that is why Biden won the last election. 


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