Reminiscent of the protests during the 1968 Democrat Convention in Chicago, radical protesters, attacked a Trump rally there yesterday causing chaos so extreme that the event was canceled. The protests were the work of organized or professional protesters according to most experts. His opponents for the Republican nomination immediately tried to capitalize on the case by denouncing Trump. Former Lehman Brothers Executive, John Kasich said Trump was creating a “toxic” environment while Rubio waffled on his previous agreement to support the person nominated by the Republicans. Both of these candidates have formed a pact to oppose Trump with the desperate hope of prevailing at a brokered convention if Trump did not clinch it ahead of time. If Trump prevails, neither of them have a future in national politics. We think the alliance is sleazy and is a move that smacks squarely of desperation on the part of both candidates. Cruiz did some backpedaling of his own, first suggesting Trump caused the ruckus by his inflaming remarks during the debate and at his rallies. After reflecting on public opinion, Cruiz changed his tune and castigated the protesters for violating Trump’s freedom of speech. Meanwhile, Trump returned to Ohio to a packed rally of supporters where the crowd appeared to be more rejuvenated than before.  

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