Riots in France over a proposed law that limits filming and identifying of police officers sparks violence

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When riots occurred in France a couple of years ago over protests against fuel taxes, known as the yellow jacket movement, French stocks fell.  

Now that thousands of people have taken to the streets to riot against a law that would prohibit police officers’ filming, that fear has re-emerged. reported that thousands marched against the proposed new law. Flames and thick black smoke-filled major streets in the French capital on Saturday as youths wearing black masks and balaclavas threw missiles, including Molotov Cocktails, at the police.

“By early evening, there had been 22 arrests of ‘very violent suspects’ in the area around Avenue Gambetta, said a local police spokesman, who said highly organized rioters had put numerous shop windows in”, the Daily Mail reported.

The dangerous march was headed towards Place de la Republique, and vehicles and property are being set alight as officers came under attack.

“The French government has decided to “total rewrite” part of the security law known as ‘Article 24, Euronews reported.  

We think a balance must be struck between police safety and cases of police misconduct. The “intent to harm” element suffices to protect people who “film and identify” police officers. Only those people who set out to intentionally harm law enforcement would be subject to prosecution. We would not rewrite the law.

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