Robert J Marks charged with the killing of Lyntell Washington who’s daughter was found near the crime scene with her mother’s blood on her feet

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Robert J. Marks, 46, has been charged for the June 2016 killing of Lyntell Washington in Baton Rouge, Louisianna; he purportedly dumped her body in Iberville Parish then abandoned her car with her 3-year-old child inside down the street from Washington’s apartment.

Grand jurors in Iberville Parish indicted Marks on more than a half-dozen charges, including second-degree murder, feticide, two counts of kidnapping, and aggravated kidnapping of a child, obstruction of justice, and a handful of gun-related infractions.

“We believe that once he has his day in court, a jury will convict him,” said 18th Judicial District Assistant District Attorney Tony Clayton

Many drops of blood were found in Washington’s car in an apartment complex parking lot, authorities have said. These samples will be put to the test of DNA analysis.

According to a police report, police found her 3-year-old daughter wandering near the parking lot of the apartment complex with her mother’s blood on her feet. The girl told investigators she was with her mother and “Mr. Robbie” when she heard a loud noise and saw him trying to clean up blood, the report said, reported.  

Washington was a 40-year-old instructional specialist at Brookstown Middle Magnet and was seven months pregnant with Marks’ child, reports say.

Marks was fired as an assistant principal at Brookstown Middle Magnet after he was indicted in October 2016. He has denied any involvement in Washington’s death.

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