In a last ditch effort to derail or slow down Donald Trump’s fast track to the Republican nomination, the Republican establishment has teamed with Rubio and Kasich in the Ohio primary. Rubio’s team has told their supporters to vote for Kasich to stop Trump’s surge. Rubio is an establishment candidate who only came to power in Florida because he was backed by the neoconservative Koch brothers. There were over forty-nine donors backing Rubio in that Senate race that had attended Koch seminars. Other backers of Rubio are billionaires or their mouthpieces, and some own or control toxic energy companies or financial institutions. Their groups fund super PACs and go to great efforts to disguise their true identities. These conservative groups fear Trump because they will be unable to control him as they would with Rubio. Former Leeman Brothers executive, Kasich, no doubt, supports the boost in Ohio where he is currently lagging behind Trump. His best hope is to grab an appointment to some post if an establishment candidate were to win. The problem is, Rubio has virtually zero chance of winning the nomination absent a fix at the convention in the event Trump does not gather enough votes to clinch the nomination. Any chance of Kasich getting an appointment depends on an establishment candidate getting elected, but by hitching his aspirations to Rubio, Kasich appears just as desperate as the establishment’s goal to stop Trump’s nomination. 

A  New York Times report implies that Rubio dodged the issue of whether he was directly involved in the move to have his supporters in Ohio vote for Kasich to bolster his standing in the race. According to the USA Today, Rubio said, “I’ve never talked to John Kasich about this.” Mitt Romney, who failed in his bid for the Republican nomination in 2012, had advocated that Rubio voters cast their votes for Kasich in Ohio. Romney’s remarks have been widely attributed to orders sent out by the establishment.

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