Sanctuary cities, madness, and killing of American citizens

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“Last month, a thrice-deported illegal immigrant with a long history of violent crime stabbed five people, killing two, John Paulson, 45, and Kimberly Susan Fial, 55, at the Grace Baptist Church in San Jose. The suspect, Fernando De Jesus Lopez-Garcia, has been in and out of prison, but Santa Clara County’s sanctuary policies prohibit any cooperation between local officials and federal immigration authorities.

ICE has issued multiple requests for his detention, including one last summer, when he was sentenced to 327 days in prison for inflicting corporal injury on his spouse. Though Lopez-Garcia has a criminal record that also includes convictions for assault with a deadly weapon, battery of an officer, and vandalism, local officials were barred from letting ICE know when he was in custody.

 “This wasn’t the first time that the county’s sanctuary policy has cost lives. Last year, Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza, a previously deported gang member and illegal alien from El Salvador, beat and stabbed Bambi Larson to death in her home. Carranza had convictions for possession of methamphetamine, false imprisonment, and burglary at the time of the murder,” the City Journal reported.

The Journal continues, “Joe Biden and other Democrats have spent the last four years repeating the mantra “no one is above the law.” Yet Biden has advocated policies that would, as the San Francisco Chronicle recently noted, effectively make the United States a sanctuary country. A little-noticed bullet point in his platform calls for the reversal of Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which allows for cooperation between local law enforcement and ICE”.

Whether Biden thinks he is a moderate or a liberal is beside the point; he is inept at grasping the difference. His actions will likely be significantly circumscribed by stirring political winds and the opinions of the “squad” and socialists such as Bernie Sanders.

Biden must be wordlessly hoping that the two Democrats running for the Senate in the Georgia run-off do not win. Otherwise, he cannot argue that some compromises must be made with Republicans. If Democrats controlled the Whitehouse, Senate, and the House, they wouldn’t need the Republicans; Biden would be stripped of his trade-off argument and constrained to adopt many of their odd ideologies.

It should go without saying that subscription to Santa Clara’s sanctuary policies is tantamount to madness. The city leaders appear willing to trade American lives for designs that only serve illegal aliens’ interests. Biden’s readiness to strike from law provisions that call for cooperation between city law enforcement and ICE, and his endorsement of sanctuary cities, places him squarely in the center of this challenged group—something he does have experience at.

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