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Napoleon scoured the earth in search for the “Fountain of Youth”— the elixir or magic potion that guarantees eternal youth. He never found it, but plenty of people have picked up the torch in their never-ending quest to keep their adolescent look. Lotions and concoctions galore line the grocery store and pharmaceutical aisles, all promising to retard seriously the aging process. Of course, none of these options are magical, and they don’t do much to make anyone look younger—despite the anti-aging and super moisturizing claims by companies backed by billions of dollars. In the end, it is pretty much a fake marketing job. But now, there may be something a person can do to slow nature’s aging process down. A scientist in Russia is having success with a bacteria that has been around the planet for over 3.5 million years; he is confident that “Bacillius F”, which is found in the earth’s permafrost, may help  people to live longer and healthier lives, and presumably look younger. Dr. Anatoli Brouchkov, the head of the Geocryology Department, Moscow State University (Mamontova Gora), has started to inject himself with the bacteria. The results are promising, he has had no cases of the flu or other illnesses. The doctor was encouraged by similar results witnessed in local tribal populations where natives have been naturally exposed to the bacteria as the permafrost thaws and gets into the drinking water. It appears that these people are living longer and looking better.We may not need all those expensive creams, vitamins, drugs and other concoctions, just the free bacteria– well, free until the greedy corporations start marketing it.

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