Senator Lyndsey Graham Fights Back Against Out-of-State Ultra-Liberal Money

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“Jaime Harrison, the Democrat challenging Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, raised an astonishing $57 million in the third quarter, the highest quarterly fund-raising total for any Senate candidate in United States history and part of an enormous flood of money pouring into Democratic campaigns,” the ultra-liberal (“report”) says.  

The “report” says money is pouring in from out-of-state at an “extraordinary rate” since the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an activist jurist who wrote judicial opinions consistent with the views of those activists sending in money.  

Few believe that Harrison possesses a fraction of Graham’s skill and competence at being a Senator. Rather, this is purely an attempt to drain money from other Republican resources and scare Republicans who are voting to confirm Amy Barret for a position on the United States Supreme Court.

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