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Charlotte Trego, 27, has been missing since May 3, 2014. She's described as 5-foot-4, 160-pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. She has a tattoo of 'James' on her chest and a Playboy Bunny on her upper arm.

Charlotte Trego

A serial killer is most likely on the loose in Ohio. In the past year, at least six women have gone missing from the Ohio town of Chillicothe, and four bodies have been found nearby. The victimology in each of the discovered bodies is similar; the victims have been found dumped in streams or rivers; reports indicate that the women were using drugs, and some were involved in prostitution. Additionally, some knew each other, they hung out together, in the same areas, and some traded their bodies for drugs. The small town of 21,000, located 50 miles from Columbus, has been on a downward spiral since it was the state’s capital some 200 years ago- drug usage, prostitution, and other crimes are on the rise.


Tameka Lynch, 30, was discovered dead of an overdose on a creek sandbar in May 2014. Officials have called her death suspicious.

Tameka Lynch

Friends say Shasta Himelrick, 20, was expecting her first child when she went missing in December 2014. She was found several weeks later dead in the Scioto River.

Shasta Himelrick

“We’ve got too many young ladies missing”, Ross County Sheriff George Lavender said last week. Initially, the “missing” included Tameka Lynch (30); Charlotte Trego (28); Wanda Lemons (38); Shasta Himelrick (20); Tiffany Sayre (26); and Timberly Claytor.

Mother of five Wanda Lemons, 38, was last seen in November 2014. She is described as 5-foot-7, 135 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes.

Wanda Lemons

The body of Tiffany Sayre, 26, was found wrapped in a blanket along a creek bed on June 20. Her death has been ruled a homicide.

Tiffany Sayre

Timberly Claytor, 38, was found shot to death on May 29 alongside a vacant building.

Timberly Claytor

Claytor was found dead in May- she had been shot three times in the head; Lynch was found dead in a creek in May; Himelrick was found dead two months later- drowned in a river; Sayre’s body was discovered wrapped in a bed sheet and hidden inside a culvert. When the bodies were first found, the police did not attribute the cause of death to a serial killer, drug overdose, and drowning had been assigned as the probable cause of the death. Now that all the similarities are known, the focus has turned to a single killer or killers. Still, Lt. Preston, according to the Washington Post, cautiously said, “I don’t want to come out and say ‘yes, we have a serial killer’, but it’s a small community that we live in … and the number of females who have come up missing, and then the bodies that we found, that’s quite a bit for our community”.  Reports say profiling experts are working on the case.

Serial killings involving prostitutes (and we do not know for sure whether any of the victims above were indeed prostitutes) are not unusual. We have called for the legalization of prostitution, in part, for precisely that reason. We have said prostitutes need more protection because they often place themselves in dangerous and precarious situations; they regularly meet with strangers and go places where there are no witnesses. They frequently use alcohol and drugs that cloud their thinking, furthering endangering themselves. By legalizing prostitution, these dangers can be greatly reduced, lives saved, addictions and medical illnesses treated (by regulations) and money spent on prosecutions lowered.

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