Neal Falls (45)- believed to be a serial killer

Police in Chillicothe, Ohio are interested in the victimology in the attempted murder of a prostitute in Charleston, West Virginia, serial killings in Las Vegas and the serial killings in Ohio.  No firm conclusions have been drawn, nor have any stated connections been stated by police, although the victimologies are similar.

Nevertheless, some police believe a man killed last week by a West Virginia sex worker could be linked to the disappearances or deaths of four alleged prostitutes in the Las Vegas area a decade ago — and maybe a half-dozen more women in Chillicothe, Ohio.

The man identified as Neal Falls (45), most recently of Springfield, Oregon, was killed by an “escort”, identified as “Heather”, he allegedly met through the website called “Backpage”, when he first attempted to strangle the women in Charleston, West Virginia. The woman says he temporarily put the gun down when he was wrestling with her to take a rake out of her hands; seizing the opportunity, she grabbed his gun and shot him. Heather spoke to the media about the events.

When the police searched Fall’s car, they found what they described as a “kill kit” consisting of handcuffs, knives, axes, a sledgehammer, a bulletproof vest, another gun, shovels, bleach and other cleaning supplies. They also found in his possession, a list with 10 names of women, all who have since been contacted according to People Magazine.

IMAGE: dead or missing Nevada women

Top left to right, Jodi Marie Brewer; Lindsay Marie Harris; Misty Marie Saens and Jessica Edith Foster

Falls previously lived in Henderson, Nevada which is 16 miles from Las Vegas where three women, who were allegedly prostitutes (we have no knowledge as to whether any of these victims were prostitutes), were killed about 10 years ago; their bodies were found in various locations : Jodi Marie Brewer, went missing in August 2003, (19) (body found in San Bernardino County, California); Misty Marie Saens (25), went missing in August 2003, (partial remains found in the desert near Las Vegas); Lindsay Marie Harris, (21), went missing May 2005,( her legs were found near Interstate 55 South of Springfield, Illinois). Another woman from North Las Vegas, Jessica Edith Foster (21) went missing on March 28, 2006, she has not been heard from since.

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