Sessions Misspoke, He Did Not Lie About his Meetings With the Russians– the Politicians Need to Focus on the Issues that Citizens Care About

While it appears that Attorney General Sessions misspoke when he testified before Congress that he had not had any communications with the Russians, that is a far cry from lying about the rambling question he was asked by the Senator from Minnesota.

As it turns out, Sessions had met with the Russian Ambassador twice—once in his Senate chambers, and once briefly following an event at the Republican convention. There is no evidence to support the notion that Trump’s political campaign was discussed at either meeting.

Senator Chris Coons (Dem Del) told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that Congress should specifically investigate whether Sessions told a lie versus having simply misspoken. What nonsense. This is nothing but a distraction to keep President Trump from focusing on the main issues that are important to the country.

The purpose and goals of laws relating to politicians and their contacts with foreign nations are to protect against quid pro quo arrangements. There is zero evidence to show that Sessions violated any such laws. Concerning his answer about contacts with the Russians, he merely misspoke. He could have been more careful with his answers. But it is clear that his meetings were a matter of record, and it belies reason to assume that he would lie about them. The politicians need to move on and start paying attention to real issues.

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