Sheriff keeps investigation open in the Nichol Olsen and daughters potential murder cases in Bexar County, Texas

The police should focus on scientific gun and ballistic analysis

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Nichol Olsen, daughter Alexa, 16, and London, 10, were found dead on January 10, 2019. The medical examiner’s report says Olsen committed suicide and that someone had murdered her two daughters.

Olson met Charlie Wheeler and began dating, and Olsen and her daughters moved into his house in Anaqua Springs, Texas.

Reports indicate that on the morning of January 10, 2019, “a frantic-sounding Wheeler called 911 to say he had found Olsen and her two girls dead inside the home. Wheeler told police he and Olsen argued the night before. He said he’d gone to a family member’s house and returned the next day to find their bodies”, reported.

Even though the case is seemingly inactive, Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar has refused to close the matter. The Sheriff believes “there are persons of interest that we have not spoken to. There are persons of interest in this case, and we have not yet established where they were and what they were doing at the time that we believe these deaths occurred.” Partial Source: news4sanantonio 

It is not clear why there are “people of interest” that have not been spoken to this long after the killings. However, it appears that Wheeler was questioned; the argument he had with Olsen and his admission that he discovered the bodies naturally raises some suspicion. We understand that Wheeler has denied any involvement in the murder of the victims, and he is presumed to be not guilty, and we have no reason to question his innocence.

Again, we are not privy to any scientific reports and analysis that may have been developed, but the Sheriff should reexamine this evidence. Typically, in a murder case (assuming suicide was not involved), fingerprint, DNA, ballistic, gun powder residue, and similar evidence is obtained. Such evidence was likely obtained in this case resulting in no arrests.

We assume that the medical examiner determined the cases were murder followed by suicide based in part on gun particle wound residue (showing close range) and powder residue on the victim’s hand. But this evidence has been successfully challenged in other murder cases.

The whereabouts of suspects at the time of the murders should be established. Gun registration records and interviews with acquaintances of the suspects should be conducted to determine whether he or she has seen the suspect with a gun.

GPS records of suspects should be checked. Of course, the police may need to have probable cause to obtain warrants, but why would a suspect not freely agree to such searches? Similarly, phone records, including location tracking and calls received and made, should be analyzed. Credit card purchases for guns, ammunition, and burner phones should be examined.

We haven’t said anything the detectives do not already know. But I think, based on various murder trials, that the minutest details can be missed during the investigation process.

Emphasis should be placed on the weapon and ballistic analysis. If this evidence can be scientifically established, the focus should shift to any suspect’s possible ownership or use of the gun used in this case.

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