A poll released by CNN/ORC Tuesday revealed that Hillary Clinton is facing her worst favorability rating in the past 14 years. More specifically, the poll compares her ratings since last March.

A small sample of the categories is as follows: Lack of Trustworthiness: 57%, up from 49% in March; Caring about People: 47% (yes), 53% (no); and, inspiring  confidence: 50% (no), 42% (yes).

Clinton appears to have lost ground in her own party- her support in the Democratic nominating arena has dropped 9 points since last April, but she still is the heavy front-runner for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. A real challenge for her is grounded in the arena of the independent voter. At the end of the day, those uncommitted voters are more likely to consider issues of trustworthiness, and perhaps more importantly, whether she cares about “them”- the “everyday person”. Obviously her wealth, and the Clinton Foundation, is still a current dilemma for her. It doesn’t help that she seems to be the favorite candidate among millionaire voters; according to a recent CNBC survey of 750 American millionaires, Clinton got 36% of their support, more than any other candidate. Moreover, for one reason or another, a certain percentage of Independents, like the rest of the population, have an antipathy towards her. Of course, she has a lock on most of the liberal voters, but not to the same enthusiastic degree that Obama enjoyed. The challenge for Hillary Clinton is to close the gap that currently exists between her and the truly independent voter. To do that, she must start really caring about the carpenters, truck drivers, motorcycle riders, plumbers, other laborers- in short, the real “everyday people”. Clinton has not done much to curry favor with such everyday people, especially the men; indeed, she has done much over the past to create a nasty division between herself and this large group of voters; in fact, so much so, that she has been viewed as “anti-man”. Instead she has focused on feminists issues (a group she already has the support of), and as of late, wealthy folk. Her lukewarm support amongst anti-war enthusiasts, and moderate support among black voters, and poor standing with everyday workers, will likely cause her to lose at a general election. We suggest that she skip a few feminist rallies, a couple of millionaire fund-raisers, and jump on the back of a Harley motorcycle for a few blocks to show that she can at least mingle with the common folk. There is still plenty of time to reign in these voters. This is not as corny as it sounds. Many workers are not happy with their rich bosses, corporate executives, and in general, wealthy people. It is hard for them to wrap their minds around the concept that a wealthy candidate can relate to them- especially one who caters to the rich and depends on their support in exchange for later recognition. The average person knows that politicians need to solicit money from the rich, but the Clintons have rewritten the playbook in this arena, and the average worker knows the difference. She needs desperately to prove that she truly does care about this dispositive group of voters. We will provide the motorcycle and event for her.

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