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The following excerpt from the Edge.org with John Markoff  warrants a spot on “Quotations of the Times”. Mr. Markoff was casually talking about artificial intelligence and other technological phenomena, when the he brought up the issue of how the internet has enabled entrepreneurs to throw aging and under-funded public transportation systems under the bus, to the detriment of the poor.

[“The transportation situation in Silicon Valley is quite amazing right now. You have this crumbling public infrastructure, and now the Internet has made it possible to essentially skim the cream. That’s what we’re seeing right now. It’s now clear to me that the Internet enabled private transportation services that are springing up, ranging from Uber and Lift and SideCar to these premium bus services like LEAP in San Francisco, which will take you in a small bus with Wi-Fi and a fancy seat from the marina to downtown. ….

I worry that we’ll have two classes of transportation: We’ll have the elites, who’ll drive in Uber blacks, and we’ll have the poor, who wait longer and longer for the public buses that never come because the public system has basically become even more underfunded than it already was”.]

Consider also, the city’s concern over losing a trailer park  to the rich, one of the few remaining affordable residences for some people.

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